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Welcome to Plastic Surgery Advisor! We are a comprehensive resource for people seeking quality cosmetic surgery near where they live, at affordable rates. If you are considering a cosmetic surgery procedure, whether for aesthetic or reconstructive purposes, these pages provide invaluable, in-depth information on surgery, surgeons in your area, guides to deciding whether or not cosmetic surgery is right for you, and listings of local plastic surgeons.

We help you find plastic surgeons online, surgeons who offer top-notch procedures for the lowest prices. That's right, the lowest prices on plastic surgery. Not only that, but it is possible to have a plastic surgery procedure in your own neighborhood—so you can save even more money because you don't have to travel anywhere to get it! Certainly, the average price of plastic surgery in your area may be more or less than elsewhere, depending on whether you live in Los Angeles, CA, or Minneapolis, MN. What we at provide is a way for you to find the plastic surgeons offering the lowest prices among their neighbors, in your local neighborhood. Where is the lowest cost cosmetic surgery in MN? This is the type of question that we answer. You won't have to fly to Argentina or Tunisia or Asia or even another state for that matter, just to get a bargain basement price on a quality, yet routine breast implant, nose job, tummy tuck or facelift. You can get a tummy tuck in LA, and you won't have to empty out your entire trust fund to do it. Far from it!

Reconstructive Surgery vs Cosmetic Surgery
But you may be asking - how can plastic surgery be so cheap, yet safe and reliable, and easily accessible in the city that you live in? In order to answer that question, it is important to understand the difference between reconstructive surgery, and cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery that is carried out in order to reconstructive a physical body part is typically covered by major medical health insurance, since it often is intended to improve the physical day-to-day health of a patient who was injured in a car wreck, mutilated by a disease, or a victim of a natural deformity. Reconstructive plastic surgery has improved countless lives and is considered legitimate by the medical profession, as it should be.

Cosmetic plastic surgery should also be given the same legitimacy. It has been shown on numerous occassions to have beneficial effects - cosmetic surgery improves the self-esteem, confidence, and overall wellbeing of patients whose physical features have been tucked in and beautified by legitimate medical professionals performing these plastic surgery procedures.

Yet normally cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance, although its positive effects on wellbeing are abundantly documented. Nevertheless, while one route to deal with the situation would be to lobby legislators and petition insurance companies, your body's needs can't wait. It is better to look for the lowest price for your plastic surgery procedure, without having to travel far. If you live in Irvine, CA, you don't have to travel to LA to find an excellent plastic surgeon at a low price. You can simply use this website to find and research Irvine, CA plastic surgeons to learn about the quality care and affordable rates that they provide.

Whether you are a woman looking for breast augmentation, or a man looking for breast reduction through liposuction, we'll tell you how you can find the lowest prices on these plastic surgery procedures. For instance, did you know that male breast reduction is often considered reconstructive surgery, and not cosmetic surgery? This means that you would be able to get medical coverage for your condition - your health insurance company actually should pay you to have breast reduction surgery.

Lowest Prices on Plastic Surgery
Of course, many cosmetic surgery procedures will have to come out of your own pocket, and that's why we know you want to find the lowest prices on plastic surgery possible - in short, cheap plastic surgery. While obviously we are aware that the primary concern that you have at the forefront of you head is the quality and safety of the procedure that you plan to undergo, and the credentials of the surgeon you are looking for, we also realize that finding the best deals and discounts on plastic surgery - once it has been determined that your plastic surgeon comes in with flying colors when it comes to qualifications - is extremely important. But now the crucial question: why can't I find prices for cosmetic surgery? The truth is that it's a cutthroat market and doctors won't reveal their price lists lest they get scooped by the competition. We don't like this either, but it's the nature of the industry. But in the face of this we are doing our part to empower you, the consumer, and give you access to the lists of doctors who provide the cheapest body contouring; the lowest prices on liposuction, breast implants, tummy tucks, a brow lift, facelift, nose job, laser hair removal, eyelid surgery, laser skin resurfacing, rhinoplasty or any other type of affordable aesthetic surgery

Plastic Surgery Consumer Advice
The reliability of a plastic surgeon is crucial to developing confidence and trust in the person who will be making the first incision into a new life for you - a life that should end up being much more beautiful. Fortunately, many plastic surgery procedures are extremely routine and have staggeringly high success rates, in addition to being FDA approved procedures if carried out in the United States of America, and so pretty much any plastic surgeon with the right qualifications will be able to tuck in, suck out, burn off and smooth you out, making you much more beautiful than you already are today. Find out more about plastic surgery procedures.

Neverthleless, as in any profession, not all plastic surgeons were created equal - even if they are licensed and approved by other doctors. Who is better suited to judge the quality of a plastic surgery clinic or cosmetic surgeon, than the customers who have gone under the scalpel themselves, and come out looking great. Following consumer advice on plastic surgeons in your area is extremely important to making an informed decision about where to go to bet plastic surgery, whether you are looking for a surgeon in North Carolina, Minneapolis, Beverly Hills, Phoenix, AZ or New York City, NY. Find out more about plastic surgeons in the city and state you live in.

Consumer Reviews on Plastic Surgery
Reading consumer reviews about cosmetic surgeons near where you live not only makes sense, but could make a permanent difference in the way you look for the rest of your life. If you are seeking better self esteem and a way to put your best foot forward in this world, and you have done the necessary consulting and counseling to decide that cosmetic surgery is the right path for you, then reading consumer reviews about cosmetic surgeons is the logical next step to unlocking all the beauty you have inside you - and finding the qualified hands to turn the key.

More and more, plastic surgeries are being performed for a variety of reasons, to restore the normal functioning of the body, or the general sense of self esteem. Qualified plastic surgeons in major cities across the nation are improving lives, and making men and women more beautiful than they already were. Despite the fact that health insurance companies and legislators tend to not grasp the tangible benefits that cosmetic surgery has on our society, there is a way to find good deals and the lowest prices on procedures, without leaving the country or compromising your safety - top notch surgeons are offering great deals on routine procedures that will change your life for the better, forever.

Safety and Qualifications Checklist
Finding out whether or not your plastic surgeon is qualified to perform reconstructive or cosmetic surgery on you goes beyond just reading consumer reviews. It is also extremely important to find out essential information such surrounding the levels of training and education the doctor has received. Is your potential plastic surgeon board certified? Licensed to practice in your state? If the surgery is being performed in the office, and not in an outpatient hospital facility, then why? Is there proper life-saving equipment readily available? Who is the anaesthesiologist and what do you know about them? We have compiled these crucial questions here in this checklist on plastic surgery safety.




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