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We are a comprehensive plastic surgery Web site dedicated to helping you find an affordable, yet qualified plastic surgeon in your area. We know that the costs of cosmetic surgery are not often covered by insurance companies, and so we deeply understand the importance of finding the lowest prices on routine procedures. Yet even reconstructive surgery - which typically is covered by insurance companies - comes with a cost, especially if you don't have health insurance to cover your plastic surgery medical bills, or if your health insurance policy simply leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to reconstructive surgery. We hope to direct you to the place where you can get superb reconstructive surgery for the lowest price.

We list plastic surgeons and university plastic surgery centers providing both cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery in cities and states throughout the country, professional doctors, surgeons and physicians who are qualified to perform excellent plastic surgery procedures, who you can research for consumer advice, reviews and the lowest prices possible on plastic surgery - especially cosmetic surgery, where finding the best deal means you can save more money to enjoy your new-found beauty with.

We believe that cosmetic plastic surgery is a lot more than just looking beautiful, and it's more than just saving money on doctors bills - it's about saving you that trip to Brazil, too. Although we have nothing against fabulous vacations to Brazil or Argentina, we believe that the cost of plastic surgery shouldn't be so high that even traveling to a different hemisphere on a plane would overall be cheaper than getting the procedure done at home in the United States. We believe you can get great prices and top notch care right next door to where you live, you just have to know where to look. We help you look, so that you can find the cheapest plastic surgery where you live, and save more money than you could anywhere else.

Again, plastic surgery can be excellent, and it can be cheap, and it doesn't mean you have to turn it into a tourism project. We list the best, most qualified plastic surgeons whose practices are based in the city that you live in. Whether you live in Tampa, Florida, or San Diego, California, LA, New York, Seattle, Washington or North Carolina - don't pack your bags yet, because chances are that an excellent and affordable plastic surgeon is right next door.

Helping you to find the highest quality care and the best prices, without having to travel outside of the city you live in, is what the Plastic Surgery Advisor is all about.

Disclaimer: we do not provide medical advice and nothing on this Web site is to be construed as medical or legal advice.




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