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Nose surgery
More than any other part of the face, the nose can make a person feel that their face is unbalanced, resulting in self-consciousness and possible problems with dating and self-esteem. It should come as no surprise, then, that rhinoplasty-or "nose jobs"-are among the most common procedures performed by plastic surgeons. They are also the most common cosmetic surgery received by teenaged patients-who in many cases will experience fewer complications than adults. While teenagers and adults will have different considerations as they decide to go forward with nose surgery, all patients will benefit from maintaining realistic expectations for the ultimate outcome of the procedure.

When making a nose surgery comparison, keep in mind the variation in rhinoplasty procedures. The most basic difference from a procedural standpoint is between open and closed nose surgeries. Open rhinoplasty utilizes an incision beneath the tip of the nose that in some cases will provide the surgeon with needed visibility. Closed rhinoplasty, on the other hand, is carried out without surface incisions. The actual range of nose surgeries is quite wide, however, given that the patient may have dissatisfaction with anything from nose width to nose bridge shape. In this respect nose surgery comparisons can be difficult to make-especially given the fact that different surgeons may elect to employ different methods.

Nose jobs
Surgeons who perform nose jobs must have a good sense of aesthetics as well as possessing excellent technical skills. Nose jobs may be accompanied by other reshaping in surrounding areas, such as the cheekbones. Some clinics are equipped with specialized illustration software that can give a good prediction of what effect a procedure will have. Even without this imaging software, plastic surgeons should be able to explain how a patient's appearance will be altered by nose surgery. All patients should have multiple meetings with their surgeon before selecting a procedure.

Although rhinoplasty is a safe and relatively routine procedure, patients will want to plan for a couple weeks of initial recovery. There is significant bruising and swelling after nose surgery, and many patients plan some time in seclusion following a nose job. Pain and some bleeding can be expected in the days following the surgery, but both are easily treated and managed. Sensitivity to excess sunlight and touch can follow for weeks afterward, and physical activity will be limited for many patients in the first two months following nose surgery. It may take several months for the healing process to complete and for patients to adjust to their new appearance-making it important that patients have a clear idea of what they can expect.

Rhinoplasty ratings
Given the highly visible nature of nose surgery, patients should take care when selecting a clinic or surgeon. Mistakes can be embarrassing or painful, and may require corrective procedures following the initial surgery. This is one service it pays to get right the first time. Preparation is key to avoiding rhinoplasty regrets. Fortunately, thousands of people elect nose surgery each year, making it likely that an excellent surgeon is located in your area. Comparing rhinoplasty ratings and reviews will help you find the right surgeon. Look for rhinoplasty ratings that match as closely as possible the nose reshaping procedure you'd like to have done. Don't let reviews be the end point of your research, however-make sure that highly rated nose surgeon is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Deals on nose jobs
Rhinoplasty is often a marquee surgery for cosmetic surgeons as it yields great before and after shots. Because of how widely nose jobs are advertised, you're more likely than with other procedures to find a nose job at discount. However, as with any service, nose job prices may reflect the quality of treatment you receive. Don't compromise on safety or surgeon skill as you look for the best rhinoplasty prices and nose surgery coupons.

While many people unfairly associate nose jobs with celebrity culture or excessive vanity, the fact is that plenty of ordinary people choose nose reshaping procedures to boost their confidence, which can have a major impact on overall wellbeing. Rhinoplasty consumer reviews, combined with careful attention to physician advice before and after the procedure can help even young people have a very positive experience with nose surgery.

Nose job doctors
Finding a rhinoplasty specialist is an important decision, not only because you want to get the most finessed, expert care, but also because you don't want to spend hundreds or even thousands more than you need to. We help you find the cheapest nose job surgeons in your area:

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