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Breast augmentation
In this article we answer the most prominent questions that women have before electing breast augmentation surgery: is this procedure right for me? What are the costs of breast augmentation? Is there a local surgeon who can provide top quality breast augmentation at the lowest prices? We also guide through the pros and cons of this procedure, and help you come to an informed decision.

Why breast augmentation surgery?
Thousands of women each year elect for safe, surprisingly affordable breast augmentation procedures. For women who feel self-conscious about their breasts-from doubts about satisfying their partner to simply wanting to really fill out that favorite dress-breast augmentation can be just what they need to feel sexy and confident. Putting an end to bikini dread and embracing plunging necklines are two great benefits, but there are also plenty of women who just want to level the playing field in their daily dress.

But it's important to recognize that breast augmentation has been subjected to a lot of unfair stereotypes. The reality is that breast enlargement or reduction is a serious, personal decision that has helped countless women enjoy greater comfort and happiness in their daily life.

Breast enlargement (through implants) is the most common type of augmentation procedure. The great majority of women receive the implant through an incision underneath the breast. The next most common incision site is through the base of the breast-on the side closest to the armpit. Other options-including a relatively new procedure that allows implants to be inserted through the bellybutton-are available. After breast augmentation is no time to get acquainted with the various options available: do your homework now to avoid regrets later.

Choice of procedure type should be made through conversations with your physician and surgeon. It's important to weigh issues such as possible damage to milk producing portions of the breast and scar visibility when selecting a procedure. Women who are looking for more "lift" to their breasts will have different priorities and needs than women who are primarily interested in increasing breast size. For example, an implant inserted under the breast will leave a scar that is likely to be more visible in younger women.

There's no "right" choice of procedure type, but it's important to make sure the procedure you choose matches your priorities. Your choice of incision site can impact the possible placement of the implant-which impacts not only breast shape but also the ease of potential maintenance surgeries. Look at plenty of breast augmentation pictures illustrating the before and after appearance of different procedures. Your surgeon can help you match your goals with the procedure that's right for you, based on your age, body type, and whether or not you've had children.

It pays to approach any medical procedure with caution, but like any service you purchase, the main issues are quality and cost. The usual consumer advice applies to breast augmentation-consult independent ratings and reviews and where possible take advantage of coupons and other discounts. We show you how to find the best deals on breast augmentation in your area.

Breast augmentation surgery consumer reviews
Make sure that your surgeon is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This organization has member surgeons all over the world and has standards for entry while exercising oversight and review of its surgeons. ASPS members list the procedures they're qualified to perform on the organization's website. Locating a local surgeon through the site is a good jumping off point to begin investigating consumer reviews.

Access to information has put power in the hands of the patient. The Internet has made it possible for consumers to compare breast augmentation providers locally. Popular search sites contain plenty of feedback on surgeons and clinics in your area, making it easy to hear what women who have visited those clinics have to say about their experience. Remember to keep your safety and quality standards high-if you can't locate a local clinic with lots of stellar reviews, then leave open the option of traveling to access the care you need.

Of course, the point of this site is to make it easy to find the best quality breast augmentation surgeons at the lowest prices, so we've included extensive local listings for surgeons who practice breast augmentation. The idea is to make this important procedure accessible to everyone, so be sure to exhaust our local listings before adding an extra travel expense to the total cost of your breast augmentation surgery. That said, if it's a question of quality versus convenience, we encourage you to elect the best quality care you can find, even if it does involve some amount of travel. This can often be the case for people seeking breast surgery in more rural areas of the United States, but not always.

Viewing breast augmentation before and after shots is just one step in selecting a clinic. Remember that the best results are those likely to be advertised, and that you need to look deeper before settling on a surgeon. A quality clinic needs to provide a variety of services. In addition to having skilled technicians, you'll want to be sure you avoid a high-pressure sales experience and have lots of opportunities to ask questions as you make decisions.

Reviews regarding pre-surgery consultations and a clinic's follow up procedures will tell you a lot about what you can expect. Keep in mind that in some cases corrections, scar removal, and even implant replacement may be necessary-it's important to find a clinic that invests in the long-term well being of its clients. This information-along with the results you see in after breast augmentation images-is a good place to start.

There is no guarantee that all surgeons at a given clinic are equally skilled. Scan consumer reviews for the name of the doctor who performed the procedure and ask for that surgeon by name when you make your appointment. While reviews offer valuable guidance, remember that every woman is different. Be willing to walk away from any clinic that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Despite these cautions, the fact remains that breast augmentation is a very common and safe procedure and that most surgeons are ethical, conscientious practitioners.

Cost of breast augmentation
Because breast augmentation is an elective, cosmetic procedure, most women must bear the cost of the surgery without the aid of insurance. Given that breast enlargement or shaping procedures cost several thousand dollars, a little bit of bargain hunting is an attractive option. Before you look for ways to save, remember that you should never sacrifice quality or safety to save money on this type of procedure. You can find inexpensive but good breast enlargement, and there are plenty of ways to lower the cost of breast augmentation, and bring it within reach.

Like other service providers, surgeons must compete for customers. While there are some costs you can't get around (such as anesthesia), the surgeon's fee can be more variable. Look for breast augmentation coupons and discounts-in today's economic climate, many surgeons are lowering their fees to make their services more affordable.

Many women don't want to wait until they've saved enough to pay for the procedure up front. Recognizing this fact, many clinics offer financing plans. Over the long-term, good financing terms can save you money. Look for low, non-variable interest rates. If you're not satisfied with the financing offered by your clinic, there are independent brokers specializing in loans for plastic surgery procedures. Compare rates and don't be afraid to ask either the broker or the clinic for better terms.

Finally, you'll have your implants for a lifetime. While this is great news for your appearance, it might hurt your pocketbook down the road. When determining how much your breast augmentation will cost, don't forget to factor in the cost of the implant warranty. The implants will be part of your body, so you'll want some guarantee that procedural and material costs will be covered if the implants someday need to be replaced or removed.

Breast augmentation doctors
Here is a list of breast enhancement centers in your area:

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Cheap breast augmentation in Irvine, California outside of LA, this is often cited as the cheapest place for quality breast enhancement California has to offer.

Is there a website where I can compare the price of breast implants? The pages on this site list the best doctors and allow you to contact them and request more information, and make an informed comparision of breast implant prices not only as they vary from doctor to doctor, but from city to city.

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