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Many people mark the day they discovered their first wrinkle as the official entry into middle age. For some, crow's feet and laugh lines can have a distinguished appearance-but for many others the change in facial appearance that can accompany aging is unwelcome. Changes in both the surface of the skin and the underlying tissues can be unsightly-giving a "tired" look that's hard to shake no matter how young a person feels on the inside. While there's no turning back the clock, modern medicine has provided today's aging generation with a host of ways to put their best face forward.

While many smokers keep up the habit with the knowledge that it will likely impact their appearance later in life, exercise fanatics are often taken by surprise when the investment they've put into their body ends up prematurely aging their face. The health benefits of sunshine in moderation are well known, but those hours of roadwork the fitness-minded put in can mean lots of extra sun exposure-leading to discoloration, wrinkles and other structural marks of age. Even good old-fashioned hard work can take its toll, as stress compounds the effects of age on the appearance of one's face.

The fact is that even the most thorough care of the face-including the use of moisturizers and avoiding excess sunlight-is no match against Father Time. Fortunately, there are a variety of common and effective procedures that-carried out in a timely way-can help maintain a healthy and youthful appearance. Some people have taken an unfairly dim view of facelifts in light of some extreme, high profile examples, but the reality is that there are thousands of people who undergo safe, subtle facelift procedures (known as mini facelifts) every year-and enjoy excellent results that will last for a long time.

Facelift surgery compare prices, reviews
While in many respects less invasive, less complicated, and less costly than other cosmetic procedures, facelift surgery is by no means cheap. While patients may take comfort in the fact that they are paying good money for good care, as with other services value is an important consideration. When selecting a clinic or surgeon to perform your facelift, make sure you're getting the most for your money. There can be a great deal of variation in cost depending on your location. Given that many people prefer a little bit of privacy while they recover from a cosmetic procedure, it doesn't hurt to look at average facelift prices for a few nearby cities-you may find that the price difference makes the cost of a hotel room worthwhile.

Specialty clinics are occasionally able to offer discounts and coupons for facelift procedures. It's important to note that a good deal of labor, equipment and materials are used to perform a facelift-so there are real limits to what kind of discount you can expect. Generally speaking, facelifts are outpatient procedures-which helps reduce overall expense-but pre-surgery appointments and after procedure care will also need to be budgeted for. When you've decided its time for a facelift, you may not have the resources to pay out of pocket for the procedure. Many clinics will allow you to pay in installments. Compare the interest rates of various installment plans to better calculate your total cost.

It should go without saying that your cost-cutting efforts should not result in a lower quality of treatment. Remember that any medical procedure carries risks, and that a mistake could be highly visible or necessitate additional, corrective procedures. While you're comparing prices, also be sure to compare facelift reviews. Established facilities should have plenty of unbiased feedback available at consumer review sites. Check to see that your surgeon is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or a similar professional organization.

Nonsurgical facelift
Some of the new facelift procedures include heat-based stimulation treatments that do not involve surgery. If you're looking for a facelift bargain, this may be the way to go. While surgical procedures offer dramatic results, those looking for a relatively cheap facelift and who are willing to accept modest improvements may be quite pleased with the results of nonsurgical procedures. In general, surgical facelifts do not leave visible scars-meaning that in terms of cosmetic facelift results they are the superior option.

However, facelift comparisons-especially between surgical and nonsurgical procedures-should be made with an understanding of the difference in price, risk, and desired results. Bear in mind that other health factors can influence what types of procedures are suitable. All patients should have a clear idea of what they can expect from their facelift: those looking to improve the texture, as well as shape of the face should investigate using other procedures, such as a chemical peel, in combination with a facelift.

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