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Tummy tuck
There's no doubt that thin is in-but for many people slimming down through conventional means just isn't enough. The reality is that there's more to flab than simple body fat. Sticking to a low fat diet and a regular regimen of aerobic exercise are proven fat busters. If the problem ended there then thousands of people each year could avoid shelling out the abdominoplasty cost. As it is however, there are plenty of patients who find that despite all their hard work, they're still in need of an extra tuck to get their stomach into beach-ready condition. If your healthy habits still aren't getting you the results you need-or if you're like most of us and you hardly have extra time floating around to spend at the gym-a tummy tuck may be just the procedure for you.

Many women struggle to escape their "baby body," without understanding that the deck is stacked against them. Pregnancy affects every woman differently, and while some moms bounce back fast, others work hard for months or years without getting the results they need. Pregnancy stretches skin and muscle fibers, and in some cases the elasticity lasts-despite the new mother's best efforts to slim down. Years of overeating or living a sedentary lifestyle can produce a similar result. Even with those bad habits firmly in the rearview mirror, most people still find that excess flab is riding in the passenger seat.

The process of aging doesn't help matters-baby boomers have for years been turning to the tummy tuck as a last resort in the battle of the bulge. Keep in mind that a tummy tuck does not necessarily remove fat from the body-although the procedure can be accompanied by liposuction. Abdominoplasty is instead a reshaping procedure that does not always alter body composition. Tummy tucks are used to address excess skin and muscle fibers that have been stretched too far and remain loose even after weight loss has occurred. In most instances, patients will have achieved their target weight prior to undergoing the procedure.

A tummy tuck will be more or less invasive depending on the extent of the stretched area. In a best-case scenario, the surgery can be performed through a small incision, although most people will require a full tummy tuck, which involves a large and small incision. In such instances, the larger incision goes across the width of the waist, and is strategically placed so that the scar will almost always be hidden by underwear or bathing suits. The entire abdominal wall is then exposed, and the muscle fibers are sutured tighter together while a flap of excess skin is cut away. Despite the large area of the body involved, scarring is usually no more cosmetically serious than ordinary stretch marks. While permanent, it is often not prominent.

The initial recovery may in some instances require a hospital stay of a few days or more. Long-term recovery, however, requires a period of reduced activity and the possible use of support garments. It may take months to achieve the desired cosmetic effect as the tummy-tuck incisions result in weeks of swelling and discoloration-so plan your procedure accordingly (don't schedule a May tummy-tuck and expect a summer body!). Results depend on your individual body, the skill of the surgeon (be sure to check tummy-tuck ratings), and how well you follow the post-surgery instructions. Bear in mind that additional procedures may be necessary to address scarring or other complications.

Plastic surgery tummy-tuck reviews
A tummy-tuck can be just the thing to bolster your confidence, improve your appearance and finally get the payoff you've been looking for with your weight loss program. But to ensure you get the best treatment, do a tummy-tuck comparison of several local surgeons. If you don't know where to start, check out the registry at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). These board-certified surgeons are among the best in the biz. There are likely to be several qualified practitioners in your area, so you'll want to check out lots of tummy-tuck reviews for each surgeon that interests you.

We live in the age of second opinions-and various online resources make it easier than ever to get lots of different tummy-tuck ratings for local clinics. Take advantage of this transparency to get lots of questions answered even before your initial consultation. Remember that even independent tummy-tuck reviews can be subjective: always trust your gut-if your early meetings with a possible surgeon leave you feeling uncomfortable, keep shopping. Because of the relatively long recovery period for abdominoplasty procedures you'll want to give special attention to reviews written several months after the surgery-these ratings will be better indicators of other patients' overall opinion of a clinic, including the clinic's quality of follow-up care.

Tummy-tuck cost
As is true for most cosmetic procedures, it's very likely you'll have to shoulder the cost of the tummy-tuck without the help of insurance. Check with your insurance provider before you begin consultations, but prepare to pay for the procedure on your own. Remember tummy-tucks are a potentially dangerous procedure: this is no time to skimp. The cost of abdominoplasty is typically less than $10,000, but can vary depending on the type of tummy-tuck required and may be considerably less for some patients. If a tummy-tuck is one of several planned cosmetic surgeries, it may be cheaper to schedule several procedures to be carried out simultaneously. As you plan your procedure with a physician you trust, be sure to ask plenty of questions about cost so that you won't be surprised when the total bill arrives.

Plastic surgeons are aware that their patients may have trouble paying all at once, and will commonly set up payment plans and offer financing. The cost of a tummy-tuck can go up dramatically depending on the financing terms. Just as when you selected your surgeon, shop around and explore other financing options, including lenders who specialize in plastic surgery financing. By selecting a University health center, you may be able to reduce the price of abdominoplasty. How much is a tummy tuck at UCLA compared to a private clinic? The price difference can be dramatic, and that's an opportunity for you to get a discount. Additionally, many people seeking adominoplasty procedures wait until coupons and other discounts are offered before going forward. Be wary of extremely deep discounts, and don't be afraid to check the credentials of surgeons at clinics that are offering unusually low prices for their procedures.

Abdominoplasty doctors
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