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Procedures for plastic surgery fall into two main categories, cosmetic surgery and and reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is a vital procedure to improve both the appearance and normal functioning in patients who are victims of accidents or deformation. Reconstructive surgery has improved many peoples' lives, and medical insurance companies include it in their coverage because it directly affects the physical health of patients.

Cosmetic surgery is considered to be principally aesthetic. After undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure, the patient's physical features become more objectively attractive. From tummy tucks to breast implants, and from facelifts to liposuction, cosmetic surgery consistently improves peoples' physical beauty. In addition to looks, however, there are secondary beneficial effects of cosmetic surgery that patients often report. One such effect of cosmetic procedures is a dramatic increase in overall self-esteem. When one looks better, one feels better too. Browse the below list of plastic surgery procedures, to learn more about whether the plastic surgery operation you are seeking is the right one for you:

Primarily used in cosmetic procedures, liposuction reshapes parts of the body into more desirable forms, by removing excess fat. That is why this procedure is also called "body contouring". Liposuction can be performed on the hips, calves, buttocks, neck, face, abdomen, thighs arms or the back. As a reconstructive surgery, liposuctions can be used to reduce the size of male breasts by removing fat from the pectoralis area. Fat tumors are also treated with liposuction. Click here to read more about the cost of liposuction...

Laser Hair Removal
Making use of laser technology, this relatively new method of permanently removing hair from the body, including laser facial hair removal, is catching on and becoming extremely affordable to a large swath of the population. This article explores the benefits of laser hair removal, as well as the risks involves. It also takes a close look at how to find cheap laser hair removal clinics in your area. Read more about discovering low prices on laser hair removal...

Breast Augmentation
To increase breast size, implants are used for cosmetic breast enlargement. Silicon gel filled implants are the most common, and they provide the most realistic sensation when touched. Salt-water filled implants, however, will be absorbed into the body the most safely, should breakage occur, which is extremely rare. Both types of implants have been approved by the FDA. Click here for the lowest prices on breast augmentation surgery...

Breast Reconstruction
Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have undergone a masectomy - a complete or partial removal of the breast in order to treat the cancer and stop it from spreading to the rest of the body - can have breast reconstruction that simulates the look of the breast. The patient will not experience the sensations of having a breast, but she will look normal. Click here to read about the reliability of breast reconstruction surgery...

Also known as rhytidectomy, a facelift is a cosmetic procedure to appear younger, by removing fat and skin on the face and neck that has begun to wrinkel, droop and sag. The procedure involves making incisions behind the earlobes and above the hairline, from which excess fat and tissue removal is performed. Local anaesthesia makes the procedure virtually painless. Compare prices and read consumer reviews on facelift surgery here...

Tummy Tuck
Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery of the abdomen, or stomach, that reduces excess fat and sagging. People who lose lots of weight relatively quickly are often left with excess skin sagging over the waist line. A tummy tuck removes that, flattening out the stomach and tightening up the skin that has been stretched out too far. The procedure involves removing fat and often can also include tightening the abdominal muscles. Click here to learn how much a tummy tuck costs...

Skin Resurfacing
A common procedure for cosmetic skin resurfacing is performed using lasers. This has been shown to be a highly effective way of removing wrinkles and skin imperfections that are caused by aging. Learn more about the cost of laser skin resurfacing...

Nose Surgery
An misshapen nose, whether bestowed upon the patient at birth or caused by an injury, such as a sports injury, can be a source of emotional discomfort and low self esteem. Similarly, an oversized nose or funnily formed nose can torment a patient and make him or her think less of himself. Cosmetic nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is an extremely safe and common form of reshaping the nose. Click here to learn more about nose job surgery and rhinoplasty procedures...

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